Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thanks For Being So Narrow-Minded, Komen

By now, the story of Komen's funding pull for Planned Prenthood BC screenings is well-known. Like many survivors, I'm shaking my head over it.

But I am encouraged by the folks who are not only calling Komen out, but donating to Planned Parenthood. Some estimates note that Planned Parenthood has received about $680K in donations in the last 36 hours. That should help cover the $640K lost, I'm thinking.

Although not one person I've seen cheering Komen on for doing the right thing has been able to aptly explain what abortion has to do with breast screenings, the spittle is flying. But most of the comments I've seen after articles, Facebook posts and message boards about this issue seem to be appauled that the Komen would yank funding to an organization that provides so many screenings for so many women without insurance who have no where else to go for them. That so many have taken to giving to Planned Parenthood directly speaks volumes.

So maybe this is the "big thing" we needed to get folks to stop thinking of Komen as an alturistic entity solely about ridding the world of breast cancer forever. Perhaps this will get folks who've walked, run, bought silly pink products and/or otherwise donated to Komen to see that maybe the business side of pink is more important to the agency than saving women's lives.

If this is the issue that gets people to understand that there are other breast cancer organizations out there that really ARE about researching for a cure and helping BC go the way of the dinosaur, it really wouldn't be a bad thing, I'm thinking. And if that's the case, I'm most thankful to Komen. I just hope that they take all those pink ribbons with them when they fade into oblivion.

It's been real, Komen.

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AnneMarie said...


It most certainly has been REAL..... Can't keep doing the same thing for all these years, move barely an inch from the starting blocks.......

Now that the cat is out of the bag, hopefully things will begin to change. LET's HOPE.....

Trying to work my words into an Op-Ed to encourage people to realize Komen was a middle man. We give them money and THEY decide how to spend it. I have my own brain. I can decide where I want my dollars to go!