Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Oncologist Visit That Wasn't

My oncologist is a breast cancer survivor as well. When I met her for the first office visit, she was sporting a wig and a lymphydema sleeve. As much as I like her, she does something no other onc I know does: insists on regular follow-up visits every three months well past the one and five year NED (no evidence of disease) marks. Other oncs drop to six month visits after a year then once a year after two NED years.

OK, so cancer isn't part of my daily thought process anymore, but every three months I hafta make an appointment, have blood drawn, weight taken and lymph nodes felt. The only other tests she's ordered is a bone density scan (and that was two years ago), so it isn't even a case of "scan-xiety" (the seemingly long amount of time between having a test done and getting the results). I just hate going to see her on principle alone.

I missed the last visit in April because I had something to do for work, I think. I was supposed to call the next week to reschedule, but I never did. Might as well wait until July and schedule it then, but I don't even want to do that. It's self-defeating and stupid, but, what can I say? I just don't wanna go!

Yep - that's me in the corner frowning and pouting, can't ya tell?