Friday, September 16, 2011

The Very BIG Business of Breast Cancer

Many of my friends and family know how the site of pink batteries, M&Ms, oven mitts and vacuum cleaners can send me into an absolute frenzy. They get how the parade of silly pink products that happens every year about this time - all in the name of breast cancer awareness month in October - pisses me off to no end. They understand that I have issues with how money is raised and where it doesn't go because I've told them (OK - ranted) about it endlessly. They also know that the mention of Susan G. Komen "For the Cure" makes my eyes narrow and my eyebrows nit really close together - but still, they love me :-)

I've been tweeting and FaceBooking about it, but every once in a while, I need help getting the message out. So I'm grateful to Marie Clare for writing an amazing article detailing why we should all think before we pink. Please give it a read and share the link with your family and friends!

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