Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Surgery - DONE!

Ended up moving my surgery back until after karate promotions on May 3 [I got my BROWN belt, btw :-)]. The closest available date after that was June 4, so last Monday I had my surgery. Once the anesthesia wore off on Tuesday, I was really thinking I made a huge mistake; I felt like I had been leveled by a very large truck.

By Wednesday, I was up and walking - very slowly - down the halls of the hospital. On Thursday, I was able to shower and feel a little more human again. Friday they let me go home - actually to a hotel near the hospital as I needed to be within a 30 minute drive in case something went wrong with the flaps and I had to head back to the OR. Two days ago, I came home.

How do I feel now? It's hard to sit comfortably because of he incisions under my butt, but I am virtually pain-free. I still have a drain in each hip, so I'm unable to sleep on my sides as I normally do, which is most uncomfortable. I also can't bend at the waist because the incisions near my butt are tight and I still have some swelling above my hamstings that makes getting comfortable when I'm not on my feet hard to do. I also can't really lift either leg any more than a few inches off the ground, which makes climbing stairs and getting dressed tough, but each day gets a little bit easier, as I'd been told it would. The drains and stitches in my hiney should come out Tuesday, so I'm hopeful comfort will soon follow. I'm missing karate something terrible, but I'm almost two weeks into my one-month minimum of no activity. Time is my friend as far as recovering from an IGAP, I'm finding...

And my new girls look great :-)

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