Monday, December 28, 2009

The Journey Continues

Five years ago yesterday, I was recovering from a re-excision to get closer margins after my bilateral. Three years ago yesterday, I was sitting in the waiting room of a NYC reconstruction surgeon before what turned out to be the worst consult I'd ever had. Today I was commenting to a friend about how, although I'm happy to still be among the land of the living, the scars on my chest are a constant reminder that this has been a helluva trip.

Cancer isn't something I think about 24-7 anymore, but still I've lost three friends in the past few months alone to this disease. As I type this, another is struggling to stay in the fight. So, yeah, it's not so totally all-consuming, but it's on my mind.

The reality is that lots has happened in the last five years. I survived the diagnosis, the treatment, reconstruction and all the craptacular stuff that came as a result. Feels good that I've been able to look cancer square in the eye and flip it the bird, so to speak, but another battle may be in the cards for me, who knows. That's the thing about this stupid disease, you just never know...

So, I wish this path was not one I'd hafta be on, but it is. Please continue to keep the breast cancer and other cancer survivors you know in prayer. The road can be a rocky one at times...

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