Thursday, January 4, 2007

Plastic Surgeon Consult #3

Yesterday, I met Dr. Levine. Another trip to NYC, but no anxiety this time. I figured things couldn’t have gone any worse than last week. But, just to be safe, I pulled into the first parking lot I could find.

I was greeted by Tasha when I walked in. She was pleasant and friendly and asked if I’d mind if her sister, who is a pre-med student at Penn State, sat in on the consult with the doctor. She told me it would only be a few more minutes until the doctor would see me and she even offered to hang up my coat for me.

Dr. Levine greeted me in his office, which means I didn’t meet him for the first time in a front-open medical gown. We talked about my surgical history and about my breast cancer saga. He took his time explaining the different techniques available – including ones he doesn’t even perform. I felt comfortable; I liked this guy!

After the exam, it seemed like an I-GAP (Inferior Gluteal Artery Perforator) Flap – where skin, fat and blood vessels are taken from my butt, shaped into a breast and microscopically implanted onto my chest - was about my best option. I’m skinny, so there isn’t a WHOLE lot of fat to work with, but there is enough for a boob although it would be smaller than the other side (which still has a C-sized implant). I’ve had enough of being uneven (been that way since the right implant was removed in August), so I decided to have the left side done, too. The bad news is the new girls be smaller than before. The good news is I’ll get to shop for all new bras soon :o)

The surgery is tentatively set for March 20. Dr. Levine said I wouldn't be able to workout for a solid month, so I might miss karate promotions in May, but we’ll see…

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